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Guardian Australia, launched in 2013 is a free premium digital news site in Australia, with a total reach of 2.926 million people each month. It is a trusted source of quality news with a particular focus on politics, the environment and social welfare. It is also part of the Guardian’s 24-hour global news operation, helping to cover breaking international stories in all parts of the world.

From 2018 to 2020, The Balnaves Foundation is supporting Guardian Australia and the University of Melbourne through the Guardian Civic Journalism Trust to employ a dedicated Indigenous Affairs Editor and undertake related educational activity. This grant comes as the future of investigative journalism is under threat and areas of specialist reporting like Indigenous affairs are underrepresented in Australia’s media landscape.

“Media has the power to reinforce or perpetuate negative stereotypes. We hope this grant will contribute to more balanced reporting of Indigenous issues in Australia through in-depth and quality journalism and providing an avenue for authentic voices and experiences.”

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