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Expression of Interest Form

    The Balnaves Foundation disperses on average $3 million annually to eligible organisations that create a better Australia through education, medicine and the arts with a focus on young people, the disadvantaged and Indigenous Australia.

    If your organisation primarily works in one or more of these areas then please consider submitting an online expression of interest.

    There are no closing dates or budget constraints for submissions, however the Foundation prefers to support multi-year projects with a funding range of $200,000 - $400,000 per annum.

    The Balnaves Foundation has a new strategic direction for grants in the medical space. From 2023, the Foundation will be focused on supporting projects that deliver significantly improved health outcomes for young Australians through the prevention and early intervention of chronic health conditions.

    The online expression of interest is the first stage in applying for funding. It will be considered by the Foundation team. You will receive a response within four weeks, that will either:

    1. Advise that we would like to receive more information and/or arrange a meeting to discuss your expression of interest.

    2. Notify you that your expression of interest was unsuccessful.


    *Please note, the Foundation is only able to support organisations with DGR 1 status or that have an auspice arrangement with an organisation with DRG 1 status.

    Before completing this expression of interest form please review the Who We Are and What We Fund sections of our website.

    Is your organisation a charity with DGR 1 status?

    What is the primary focus of your organisation?
    Please check the area your organisation directly relates to. (Please note if your organisation does not focus on one or more of these areas it is unlikely that your EOI will progress).

    What areas does this project align with?
    Please check the area(s) your project relates to.
    EducationYoung PeopleMedicineDisadvantagedArtsIndigenous Australia

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    Explain the identified need/problem that the project addresses and how is it verified? (Must be no more than 200 words)

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    Review and Submit

    This is the last step of the expression of interest form, we invite you to use the 'back' button below, to review your application, then click submit.

    You will receive an automated email once your expression of interest has been successfully submitted. The automated email will also invite your feedback on the online process, we value your feedback.

    You can download a template of the EOI form below, however all EOI’s must be completed online via the website. Please do not email your EOI directly to the Foundation.


    Download PDF Form