The Balnaves Foundation Statement on the Voice to Parliament Referendum

The Balnaves Foundation is deeply saddened by the result of the Voice to Parliament referendum. Whilst the Foundation provided substantial funding to the campaign, our staff and Trustees were also personally invested throughout the campaign with advocacy and volunteering, and the reverberations of the outcome have been felt profoundly.

We acknowledge the period of silence and reflection that was requested, and we wish to pay tribute to the First Nations peoples who campaigned tirelessly over the many months and years to be heard and recognised, and acknowledge their hurt, disappointment, and grief.

The Foundation’s long-held commitment in support of First Nations self-determination was strengthened through our support of the Uluru Dialogues and the work of Professor Megan Davis, Pat Anderson AO and their family, friends and colleagues. This financial support commenced well before the referendum and will continue.

We will continue to uphold the vision of the Uluru Statement from the Heart: voice, treaty, truth-telling, and constitutional recognition. We will continue to listen, and to be guided by First Nations peoples on the path towards reconciliation and self-determination.

The urgency of the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is not lost on us. The gap continues to widen, and the recognition of Australia’s first peoples has not yet been etched in our history.

The Balnaves Foundation is proud to continue our commitment to a just and more inclusive future where First Nations people are properly recognised. As the walk towards reconciliation continues, we will continue to walk alongside.